About Us

Our team is dedicated to serve vendors and buyers near La Fortuna area - we have a large network of local sellers and will help you find the house of your dreams at prices that cannot be beaten elsewhere.

There are many reasons expats buy properties in Costa Rica - be it a financial income investment, build an AirBnB, build a permaculture farm or simply to settle down in paradise. Costa Rica can be a jungle and finding a trustworthy realtor can be a hit or miss.

At Tropical Glow, we have our client's backs all the way. We are dedicated to assist you with exceptional customer service, utmost ethics and transparency. We understand that building trust is essential when it comes to big purchases like this.

We will help you search for the best deal according to your criteria. Our wide local network in La Fortuna gives us first dip into properties that are not posted on the internet - through word of mouth!

If you need help looking for the property of your dreams but don't have a big budget, we can definitely help.

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