Why La Fortuna?

La Fortuna is on the South East side of Arenal Volcano and attracts a lot of tourists because of the famous volcanic Hot Springs.

Although La Fortuna is a high tourist zone, most areas around La Fortuna are not yet infiltrated by expats, so properties are still very cheap! The investment will be worthwhile as property prices will only increase and catch up with the rest of the country, not to mention that they will pay themselves off through AirBnB.

La Fortuna is the location of thermal hot springs, locally known as aguas termales, the 90 F to 110 F waters are naturally heated by volcanic activity. This area has several magnificent natural hot springs that have medicinal properties from the volcano rock minerals, offering natural relaxation and rejuvenation. Magma from the volcano rises to the surface to come into contact with groundwater and gives heat to the thermal spring waters. The mineral-laden waters of hot springs in Costa Rica have been used for therapeutic reasons for over 200 years, treating a variety of aches and pains.

One of the biggest perks of living near La Fortuna is the quality of water. All the tap water in town is fed by natural spring water and is clean, fluoride-free and filled with minerals that are good for health.

There can be heavy rains here at times, so land soul is very fertile. Everything grows lusciously, so this is a great area to start gardening and building projects, such as farming, agriculture, permaculture, etc. People here welcome the water because it nourishes the vegetation. Plants and trees are very happy here. If you want any plant or tree to flourish in your backyard, just plant a seed and let God do His work. You will harvest the most delicious succulent fruits and the most luscious flowers.

La Fortuna is about 2.5 hours North of San Jose airport and 2 hours East of Liberia Airport. Although it has abundant tourism, it is actually much cheaper to live here than the Beach towns as it has a good mixture of locals and expats (expats are the ones driving up prices lol).

There are well-equipped medical and dental clinics, including emergency care. It also features several large grocery stores and markets that carry fresh produce, as well as imported items. There are also banks and gourmet restaurants.

It is also headquarters for many tour companies who offer a range of adventures in the area, which has a larger national park around the base of the volcano. There is ziplining, whitewater rafting, jungle trekking, wildlife watching, spelunking, horseback riding, kayaking and standup paddle boarding on the lake, etc.

Because all this tourist attractions, having an AirBnB in this area can be very profitable and successful. All properties around the area can be homes or income properties. La Fortuna and the Arenal area does get its share of hot days, but for the most part the weather year-round in the area can be described as “spring-like.” Comfortable daytime temperatures in the 80s…cooling off at night. Most people here do not use air conditioning. Instead they open windows and sliding doors to bring in fresh air and cooling breezes.

La Fortuna is about an hour away from the serene Lake Arenal - many expats choose to live around the lake as it is absolutely divine. We have trustworthy partners who specialize in the Nuevo Arenal/Tronadora area - contact us for a reference!
If you are looking for properties that will generate good rental income, staying closer to La Fortuna would be optimal for your goals as this area attracts significantly more tourists.

Downtown La Fortuna is 15 minutes from La Fortuna Airport, 1 hour from Nuevo Arenal, 2.5 North of San Jose, 1 hour South of Arenal, 1 hour North of Ciudad Quesada, 3 hours East of Tamarindo, 3 hours North of Jaco. Contact us if you would like to buy a piece of paradise in the area.


La Fortuna is also close to other tourist attractions, such as Rio Celeste in Parque Nacional Volcán Tenorio. The mysterious water exudes a magnificent turquoise color and swimming in it feels blissful and refreshing.