This is an income property in prime location in Los Angeles, San Carlos; 15 minutes from La Fortuna downtown - location is extremely secluded - perfect for opening a retreat or destination spot. Property has a house, a large atelier/bodega (can be converted to second house), 3 studio cabins, outdoor ranch and a large swimming pool. Property is on almost 2 acres of land with view of Arenal Volcano. This location will rent well for AirBnB and give your clients all the tranquility and seclusion that they crave - property is 800 meters (half a mile) off the main road. Property has an enormous pond with unlimited tilapia with a metal bridge - pond is fed by 3 natural spring water sources and has a tunnel connected to the river, so rainwater cleans it automatically. The pond has a natural island where a very endangered bird species are born and live currently (Chocuacos). There is a tourist center in other parts of Costa Rica just to view these birds, so the property can be made into a bird-watching business. The House is made of concrete, fully detailed with a kitchen, fridge, oven, laundry, dryer, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. AC in both bedrooms. Property has optic fiber internet at 100mbps, which can be upgraded to up to 200mbps. There is a "Fogon" outside the house to cook with dry wood. The atelier/bodega is separated into two sections - it has a bathroom and the entire structure can be converted into a house. Swimming pool is 9m (39ft) x 4m (13ft), 40 m2 in shape of figure 8 with a big rock waterfall. Ranch is very large, lined with large rocks on the flooring and has a bathroom and a storage room. It has a freezer and rustic tables and chairs. Owner will be gifting their freezer, sound system, and other miscellaneous appliances/furniture. Property also has an area with 3 cabins; all cabins are the same size - studio with their own bathroom/shower. There is an outdoor area with 2 swings. On the back of the property there is a large piece of land to build another house with full-view of Arenal Volcano. The pond on the property is over quarter acre (around 1,500m2) and has an abundance of several species of fish, turtles and frogs. The rain water cleans the pond. Though the pond is large, there is so much wildlife that there isn't any mosquitos! There is a large island in the pond where Chocuacos, a very endangered bird species live - they were born there and live on the island permanently - perfect destination spot for bird watching. Asking Price: $295,000 USD Lot Size: 7,240 m2/ 1.8 acres House Size: 70 m2 / 753 ft2 Pool Size: 40 m2 / 430 ft2 Ranch Size: 70 m2 / 753 ft2 Atelier Size: 150 m2 / 1,614 ft2 Cabins Size: 45 m2 / 485 ft2 Property welcomes hundreds of species of birds - it is truly a bird paradise - you will see all the birds you can dream of, from parrots to tucanes to any Costa Rican bird you can imagine. Property has the following fruit trees: Mamon chino, soursop, water apple, coconut, lime, mango. For more information, message directly or contact Jing by whatsapp: (506) 8777 1457. Direct link: Foreigners do not need residency to own property in Costa Rica. For more listings, visit