Exquisite 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom residence in Los Angeles, San Carlos, Costa Rica. Contemporary aesthetics, with 5-meter ceilings, refined granite countertops, and premium flooring. 15-minute drive from La Fortuna. Property has view of Arenal Volcano. Immediate proximity to the town of Los Angeles, San Carlos, offering an array of conveniences including grocery stores, butcher shops, dining establishments, a gas station, and various retail outlets. Lot Size is 393 m2 but feels large as it is in between two vacant lots. House Size: About 100 m2 3 Bedroom, 1 Bathrooms, 5 Meter (16 feet) Ceilings, tastefully architected. Asking price: 50 million colones or $95,000 USD, semi-furnished (negotiable) House is built in solid concrete and is turn-key. There is no Air-conditioning installed but the house is architected to stay cool and is very breezy. House has giant glass windows and doors, and gets a lot of sunlight.